These are Teen Babies/Teen Diaper Lovers of today. Now with the help of the internet these kid's now know they are not alone with their desires or behaviors surrounding infantilism. Chances are your child has similar interests as some of them. They need support of Adult's who have experienced their feelings. It is my hope that YOU seek an adult's guidance. They are your children and it is YOU that needs to fill that role, but in order to help them as much as you can, you need to know as much as possible in order to speak their language. Professional guidance if they choose to try and lose or contain these feelings. MOST OF ALL THEY NEED THE UNCONDITONAL LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THEIR IMMEDIATE FAMILIES if they choose to practice this behavior. If we all do our part then these kids will grow up fine and in most cases realize their potentials and dreams. They are super kids and deserve the best life offers.

TitleDatePostedAttitude of Parents
Blake07/12/00Coming Around
Richard08/22/01No Reaction

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