Here are a few web sites that are often frequented by kids and adults who enjoy wearing diapers. They are good examples of the material that your child seeks in order to satisfy his desires for wearing diapers. Some of these sites contain sexual content, and perhaps your child has visited them. This does NOT mean that these sites are pornographic and they are not intended to exploit children in any sexual manner. If your child is old enough to understand his sexual feelings then he is old enough to understand the content of these web pages. I encourage you, the parent, to check out these sites to further aid you in understanding the feelings that your child has about wearing diapers.

Deeker's Diaper Page
DPF (Diaper Pail Friends)

This is a support site for those who are trying to give up diapers. Infantilist Support Group

This is a very educational site. I highly recommend you exploring it fully. The learn more section is a must Bitter Grey's Den

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