These are true stories from people who are dealing with infantilism in their lives. It is now broken into four groups of people that it affects.

The first group is what I call RETRO TEEN BABIES. These are people who are now adults like me. They have the personal insight to your child's feelings because obviously most of them were a teen baby themselves, only now they have the wisdom of being an adult so in essence we make a good crystal ball into the future of your child's well being.

The second group is TEEN BABIES 2001. These are real kids dealing with what it means to be a teen baby of today. The circumstances are much different for them than for us teen wanna be's of yesteryear. They have access to the internet and know they are not alone anymore.

The third group is PARENTS These are people that are just like you and have a teenbaby of today or had a teenbaby of yesteryear and can relate to dealing with infantilism through your eyes and concerns.

Finally the fourth group is PROFESSIONALS These are child psychiatrists and psychologists that have dealt with families just like yours over the years.

If you would like to submit your testimonial to this page, please email it to . Your email address will NOT be listed unless you specifically grant me permission to include it with your story. Feel free to change the names of the people and/or places in your story if you prefer to do so. I respect everyone's privacy and feel that everyone has a right to confidentiality.

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