The following testimonials are from those who have no personal interest in infantilism but work with concerned families like yours with these issues. I hope to add several updates as they come in, so you can see how this is viewed from the medical field. The first update is actually more of a correspondence, but it is a starting point and I thank the person that sent it back to me very much. I have sent off surveys and requests for testimonials to various child/adolescent psychiatrists and psychologists as well as organizations that deal with mental health in children. Professional help is often sought with children that confess to wanting to wear diapers or admit they are doing that and I feel it is vital that this information is there for you to seperate fact from fiction. If you are a professional dealing with this subject I would love to hear from you on your thoughts to the following questions.

1 How many cases of infantilism have you worked with?

2 What is the percentage of infantilism cases you see verses your total workload?

3 Do you feel that infantilism is "curable?"

4 If so what methods do you find to be most effective?

5 Do you prescribe medication? What are it's side effects if yes?

6 What are the biggest challenges for the teen and adult infantilist?

7 Do you feel a healthy balance is possible to achieve?

8 Is there any known medical studies to back your findings?

TitleEmailDate PostedViewed as Illness???
Canadien Mental Health Associationcmha@nfld.com08/02/01No

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